Silver Lines / Don't Blink

by Take Your Marks

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released August 31, 2014

Jeroen Joosten - lead guitar, vocals
Koen van Meijel - drums, programming on "Silver Lines", backing vocals on "Don't Blink"
Wyneke Roefs - lead vocals
Milly Tenten - bass guitar, vocals on "Silver Lines"
Jesse Verhage - rhythm guitar, backing vocals



all rights reserved


Take Your Marks Horst, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Silver Lines
You said that you're into me
And I think I'm into you
But I'm afraid to fall

I got my walls damn high
And I got my reasons why
And if you want to break in
This is how you should begin

If you paint with golden ink on my heart
First you have to deal with these scars
Baby I dare you
Baby I dare you
To cross these silver lines

Please don't be selfish
I want you to save me
Please save my heart

You could be my hero
If you can take care of
All that we are

I dare you to hurt me
I dare you to kill me
I dare you to love me like you never did before

I dare you to touch me
I dare you to miss me
I dare you to kiss me and feel the poison setting in

Hear me hear me hear me out
Won't you take away my doubt
And wonder what it's all about it's love

Hear me hear me hear me out
Won't you take away my doubt
Cuz' baby what it's all about is love
Track Name: Don't Blink
He will do anything it takes to make it better
But no one ever sees his dying heart
The world he’s living in is tearing him apart
But no one sees he’s trying, oh

If they throw him down
Then he will stop fighting
And is that what you want?

I’ll bring you back to life, and open your eyes
I’ll make you see the great things you’re keeping inside
(Please don’t! Please don’t!) Don’t blink
(Please just! Please just!) Just think
About what you’ve done to him

While he was struggling so hard to make it better
The world around him has been playing mocking cards
If we keep watching this he’ll never get as far
So let’s fight back and stop the war

Lift him from the ground
And stop what this leads to
And clean all their mess up

An eye for an eye only makes the world blind!
Makes the world blind, oh!
An eye for an eye only makes the both of us so blind!

Don’t make me leave you out here
Don’t make me throw it out here
Don’t make me lose it down here
Team up to help him up there
Don’t stand a chance against us
Don’t stand a chance against right
Don’t blink ‘cuz you’re one of us

Don't blink
Don't blink
Don't blink
Don't blink